We hold the Bible to be God’s word, the only source of our faith and practice. By restoring the church we read of in the New Testament—both their teachings and practices—we can be what they were: simply Christians.  

If you are wondering what our assemblies are like, keep reading, and we’ll describe the main elements of a typical worship service so you’ll know what to expect.

First, you’ll notice that we currently don’t have our own building—we meet inside a burger restaurant.  This may seem odd at first, but when you realize that the church is not a building but rather a group of people who are called out for God’s purpose.  Our church currently meets in a restaurant, and someday we plan to have our own building, but we remain the church wherever we meet—just as you see the early church in the book of Acts meeting in the temple and in people’s homes.

The Setting 
Our meetings are warm and friendly, like a family gathering. You will be welcomed by many people, and you are welcome to sit wherever you please. While you are encouraged to participate, you will not be pressured to do so.  Please let us know if you have any questions about finding the right Bible class for you or your kids, about why we believe or practice something, or anything else. 

How is this for a refreshing change: no choirs, organs, or bands, just the unmatched melody of the human voice? Our music is a capella, that is, using our God-given voices without mechanical accompaniment. It is also congregational, meaning that everyone participates as we worship the Lord together, fostering a strong sense of unity. 

Our music is a conviction with us, not just a preference. We know that for many hundreds of years after its beginning, the church worshiped without using musical instruments, and we believe that was due to the Lord’s will being expressed and practiced by His apostles who worshiped with the early church. Ephesians 5:18-20 says we should “… be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”. 

There are hymnals in the chairs, so it’s easy to join in the praise even if you’ve never heard the songs before, and we encourage you to do just that.  We believe you will find singing together with everyone to be an unique and uplifting experience! 

Prayer is a cornerstone of the worship experience, a moment to share our gratitude, concerns, and aspirations with our Heavenly Father.  One of our men will lead the church in prayer as he speaks out loud to God while the rest of us think about what is being said, silently adding our own praises and requests to the prayer that is being offered.  At the end of the prayer, many worshippers will say “amen” out loud with (or just after) the prayer leader, which means something like “so be it.”. 

The Lord’s Supper (also called Communion) 
Central to the service is the observance of the Lord’s Supper, a deeply reverent practice that commemorates the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ to redeem us. Participants eat small pieces of unleavened bread (like a cracker) and drink small cups of grape juice which are symbols to remind us of Christ’s body and blood. This weekly act of remembrance symbolizes the sacrificial love of Christ and reinforces the congregation’s commitment to Christian principles and unity. 

The Contribution 
During the worship service, we also provide our members with an opportunity to give financially to support the work of the church.  The funds collected are used to fund community outreach, charity to those in need (especially our members), and our building that’s currently being planned.  Guests are certainly welcome to give if they wish, but are not expected to do so.  We would appreciate it, though, if you would fill out a guest card and drop it in the basket as it comes by.

Bible-Based Sermons
Integral to the worship experience is the delivery of a 20- to 30-minute bible-based sermon from one of our members. The sermon expounds upon a selected topic or passage from the Bible, offering insights, guidance, and encouragement for navigating life’s challenges while staying rooted in faith. The message aims to bridge the gap between ancient scripture and contemporary living, prompting worshippers to apply timeless principles to their daily lives.

Unlike many churches, we do not currently have any paid staff, and so our men take turns preparing and delivering sermons, and we have benefitted from this arrangement.  As a result, we gain a lot of experience in the Word and our members get to hear a wide variety of sermon content and delivery style.

The Invitation 
At the end of most sermons, individuals are invited to respond to the sermon’s message or to obey the gospel of Christ by repenting, confessing their belief, and being baptized. This opportunity is extended to those seeking baptism, rededication, or spiritual guidance. If you would like to respond, during the song after the message, you may come talk to one of our elders who will be standing in the front (or back) of the room.


Have any questions?
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